Entrepreneurs, high-profile investors, and billionaires are some fancy terms that make everyone adore them. But what people on the outside do not realize and understand is the hard work, lifestyle changes, and sacrifices made by these people to reach up to the heights they are at.

Entrepreneurship can get tricky! From the moment of finding an exciting, unique idea to executing it to being motivated throughout the process becomes a task over time.

Hope and self-confidence are the two keywords that every entrepreneur chants.

With this, entrepreneurs also take up certain lifestyle changes and improvise their habits.

In the coming…

Going back in time, there were days when people used to fear the word and meaning of entrepreneurship. Just the name got people so anxious and scared that it was very rare to see people actually take it up.

But, on the contrary, the current scenario motivates you to follow your dreams and do what your heart tells you to. The following article would help you calm down some of your doubts regarding the question continuously ticking in your head, that is, how to start a business.

Last year I shared a list of 20 books to read in 2020. It was well received and many people wrote back to me how they continued working on the list and read many titles out of the list. Well, this year I am sharing with you the new titles for your reading wishlist 2021.

As books are timeless, I have decided to keep the 20 from my last year post and add additional 10.

Here you go:

  1. Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future by Peter Thiel
    Amazon Link

While we can’t do anything about anyone else’s story but for our own story, we can be smarter. And there are tools out there that make us smart. You don’t need to be a programmer always to contribute to a tech project but you can use easily available tools to one, know what you are getting and two to be able to communicate with your team.

This blog is a list of tools that I myself use and share with our customers to benchmark quality.

To help you understand, I have summarized each tool, their link, and what I love…

Two years ago I started on a journey to build an exclusive marketplace that made it simple for founders to build remote teams — RemotePanda. Our exclusiveness lay in better screening, personalization, and support during the project.

We did over 50 engagements, big and small, over the last two years.

We got acquired by Mindbowser Global Inc. I and the full RemotePanda team joined Mindbowser and luckily there were no job losses.

Still, I call it a failure because we ultimately fell short of the scale we hoped to achieve when we started. 50 contracts may seem like a lot, but for a marketplace it didn’t leave much revenue since we were only…

Every project starts with an excellent idea and huge excitement. However, many projects fail. A major contribution to unsuccessful projects is the lack of understanding or a properly defined scope shared between the stakeholders. A lack of understanding on the scope leads to wrong planning which in turn leads to scope creeps and uncomfortable discussions later.

Here is the most famous internet picture about how projects can go wrong

Story of Mindbowser
Story of Mindbowser

In eight years of our company, there are many things that we here at Mindbowser are happy about. One of these things is that we have over 80% customer retention rate and this is a stat we are very proud of. This means 8 out of 10 customers have chosen Mindbowser as their technology partner year after year. While we are very content of this, of course, we are continuously working to keep this intact as well as improve over the coming years.

Infact, here are a few of the reviews we have received from our customers lately.

As a leader in the software services, we at Mindbowser are always asked what differentiates us in this massive industry. What would be different in working with us than others.

If one is researching a particular product, there are various metrics such as product use, product positioning, rating, etc. that can be used to choose what fits. However, in the service industry, this kind of differentiation is contrary to reason because services have nothing tangible in nature. Services are unique and can only be differentiated by experience.

Many times customers would tell me that they just found someone who is…

Businesses need to change app developers at times for various reasons. Whether your company has out-scaled your developer or you want better services, changing developers can be very difficult.

Knowledge and Resource Transfer

It is essential to have transparency between your old and new developers. You need to set up knowledge transfer sessions where all details on the ongoing projects are shared. This includes all of the documentation that is relevant to the app, the code that has been finalized or under review, and the following credentials:

  • Google Play Store dev accounts & certificates
  • Apple App Store dev accounts & certificates
  • AWS or other…

If you are a business that does not have all the resources for in-house processing, outsourcing is your best option. But with so many firms offering turnkey or outsourcing options, how do you assess if your outsourced team is competent? While there are plenty of guides to tell you how to choose the right firms, not many of them speak about how to conduct proper assessments. Here are the top signs you should be looking for if you are outsourcing.

Did They Communicate?

Outsourced processes require a lot of communication, especially if it is something intricate like software development. Any outsourced team you…

Ayush Jain

Sculpting ideas and turning them into reality, CEO and Founder of Mindbowser, Chapter Director of StartupGrind Pune

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